~ GIVE ~

We also need funds to continue our ministry in the inner-city. HIS Heart is supported by donations from individuals, churches, and grants received from the Junior League of Jackson and His Way. Donations are used to pay the two full-time staff ministers of HIS Heart, purchase supplies for weekly activities and annual events, and provide for the needs of our students, their families, and people of the community. HIS Heart is a registered 501-C3 state of Mississippi non-profit organization, so all donations are tax-deductible. We send an annual donation report to our donors for tax purposes and email a quarterly newsletter to donors and volunteers of whom we have email addresses.

In the Heart of Jackson, For the Heart of Jackson, With the Heart of Jesus.

His Heart

~ PRAY ~

HIS Heart desperately needs your prayers for our kids, their families, their schools, school leaders, teachers, civic leaders and political leaders of the city of Jackson. We ask that you pray for the demonic presence of poverty, violence, hatred, and hopelessness that reigns over the inner city to be destroyed. The biggest prayer need is that our kids and their families would come to know Christ and walk with Him daily. This one prayer, if answered, could change the course of many generations to come and could help to turn the tide of our city. Pray that HE will be the God of this city.

Our staff and volunteers also need your prayers. We seek God daily for much wisdom, love, patience, courage, and endurance to complete the mission that God has placed before us.


what you can do


We also need willing, active and committed volunteers who can serve on a weekly basis to assist with Monday evening Bible Clubs, Wednesday night activities, and Sunday morning activities. We need quality Bible teachers for our youth and children. We need those who will fix and serve food for Bible Club on Monday evenings. 

We need young people and adults to help us tutor our students who have many educational needs. We love to enlist those with different talents such as music, dance, martial arts, athletes, seamstresses, cake decorators, chefs, artists, drama teachers, etc. to teach our kids new things. And we need those who will simply love a child by encouraging, affirming, and hugging them. 

Church youth groups are always welcome to join us at our annual events such as “Trunk-or Treat”, Thanksgiving turkey delivery, and the HIS Heart Bible Club Carnival. We also enjoy combining our HIS Heart youth with other youth groups to do service projects in the community, for example fixing up or painting a home, cleaning up yards of the elderly, working around our church, going on prayer-walks, completing community surveys, and teaching Bible Clubs during spring break or the summer months.